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As an Entrepreneur it's so important you look our best. Did you know people make their assumptions of you within the first 7 seconds of meeting you? Style is a tool you get to use to attract more visibility and opportunities. Your style plays a large part in how you are showing up and energy you are bringing. Do you have an important photoshoot, trip or event coming up and want to look your absolute best?  I will work with you to create the perfect looks to represent you. I will look through your current wardrobe, shoes and accessories and create new looks incorporating items we love into your look. Additionally, if you want to add some fresh new pieces, I will curate a personalized shopping experience to add the perfect pieces to complete the looks for you!!

A typical photoshoot / travel /event package looks like:

  • Planning session to determine what you are drawn towards, and the vibe you want to make sure is clear in your photos. We will discuss themes, dress codes, climate and anything else we may need to take into consideration.

  • We will use what we have landed on from the moodboard to evaluate your current wardrobe and see if there are pieces and accessories that align with how you want to show up, look and feel

  • If we decide it's needed, I will create a personalized shopping experience, and/or virtual shopping to complete any of the looks with any items you may not already own

  • I will create and put together all of your looks in a virtual lookbook, so you know exactly what to wear, from clothing to accessories, to shoes, so you are ready for your shoot/event/ or trip!


  • Hair & Makeup suggestions for you to take to your hair and makeup artist

  • Optional Add-On: Half or Full Day Photoshoot Support- I can be there day of the shoot to help with all styling needs!


Photoshoot Styling with what you own (3-5 Looks)

Investment $800

Photoshoot Styling with Shopping (5-7 Looks)

Investment $1200

If you are excited and ready to be styled...

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