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Curated SHopping

Personalized shopping based on your unique needs

*NEW* Special package created specifically for previous clients! If I have worked with you before and I know your closet, I would love to help you add some perfect pieces that help you utilize what you own! We've gone through your closet, gotten rid of what no longer serves you, now you need some help adding key pieces to your wardrobe to really elevate it. Are you ready to truly bring your inspiration board to life? Well I am here to make that happen! 

The Curated Shopping Package Includes:

  • Style Session call to see where you're at in regards to your closet and what pieces you would love to add to utilize what you own, we will go over the list of holes we previously created

  • Check in with your previous moodboard, and discuss any feedback. Maybe there is something on your board you can't get out of your head, but can't find yourself. Now is the time for us to talk about it!

  • An undergarment check in. These pieces are vital in the success of your looks. How are your undergarments fitting, looking and feeling on your body?

  • 1 Personal Shopping Trip to find the perfect pieces to fit your seasonal needs and complete your seasonal wardrobe, and fill the holes in your closet

  • 1 Look creation style session to establish 10 outfits that incorporate clothing, shoes and accessories, mixing what you own and any fresh new pieces to make you feel fantastic

  • 1 Digital Lookbook (reference guides) of all the looks we put together for the season with what you own and new pieces we add so you can always have options you know look fabulous

Bonus support you may choose to use in this package:

  • Virtual shopping to fill any holes we weren't able to in-person

Investment $1000

If this sounds like something you would love...

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